Runin Sanat Gostar

With continual innovation, optimisation and customer-oriented solutions, RG Compact Stations have operated nationwide.  Even in the toughest operating conditions our Compact Stations reliably do their job.

Our production guarantees manufacturing and inspection in accordance with the most up-to-date standards and delivers the highest quality and operating safety.

 Our Compact-Stations worldwide   offers the following advantages:

Factory-built inspected and fully wired;

Contact security and arcing fault safety through complete galvanic enclosure;

Good climatic conditions for incorporated functions;

Minimal transport weight;

Non-harmful ecological and non-combustible materials;

Guaranteed corrosion protection through zinc coating and powder coating;

Ground-coupled touching parts with double coating;

Sophisticated modules put together relating to project;

Oriented production time and delivery time at the customer’s request.

Product Performance:

Size and technical performance are based on more than one decades of developmental work:

RG Compact with capacity up to 1600 kVA.


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