Runin Sanat Gostar

            The electric power quality is one of the main concerns of power companies and consumers. Many consumers such as motors, induction furnaces, CFL and ... on the one hand ,and on the other hand, need to power their high-quality source of some disturbing phenomena such as harmonics and power quality.


            Power quality is often defined as the electrical network's or the grid's ability to supply a clean and stable power supply. In other words, power quality ideally creates a perfect power supply that is always available, has a pure noise-free sinusoidal wave shape, and is always within voltage and frequency tolerances.  


The main activities offered by our  power quality evaluation team are included, but not limited to :

- Network simulation and measurement of power quality parameters in accordance with the valid standards

- Provide appropriate advice and solutions related to power quality issues;

- Design and construction of capacitor banks at LV and MV along with the removal the harmonics;

- Check the condition and the possibility to correct or upgrade the  existing capacitor banks;

- Design and manufacturing of the switching capacitor banks without transient.


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