Runin Sanat Gostar

Runin Sanat Gostart code of conduct

Our Employee Code of Conduct refers to company expectations regarding employees’ behavior towards our stakeholders, including: Customers, colleagues, supervisors and overall organization.

          Although the company promote freedom of expression and open communication practices, we are still obliged to follow a code of conduct. It is essential to avoid giving offence, participating in serious disputes and disrupting the workplace. It is also important to be a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.

            All of us consider our company values and act accordingly. We always do our best to fulfill our customer requirements and communicate all stakeholders based on honesty, respect and geniality.

            We accept responsibility for our work with courage and look into mistakes as an opportunity to gain experience.

            Knowing cultural differences and ethnic diversity in our land, we respect the opinions and beliefs of others.

We protect the environment and use natural resources carefully to play an efficient role in our homeland excellence.